Fawkes Robotics #10919

What we do

The Objective of Our Team


Our team works everyday to design and test solutions for the competition at hand. We focus on creating the most efficient and industrial solution to every problem we encounter.


We compete each year in the FIRST Tech Challenge – based off of a single concept, it consists a series of tasks that must be completed autonomously and with user control. From September to April we compete with 10,000 other teams from around the world.


This year’s game is called FIRST Res-Q. It comprises of a rescue mission themed game, where robots must be able to light the correct beacons, safely secure personnel into a safety bucket, climb up a mountain and remove debris from the field.

A team for everyone

One of our goals is to be a team for anyone. Designers, coders, builders, businesspeople, writers – there’s a place for you. Reaching outside of the STEM community, we earned ourselves a name with one of the most innovative, well-designed robots in the game.

Who we are

A Group of Innovators From Livingston, NJ
We reach not just for perfect form, but flawless function. We don’t just innovate, we implement industrial designs.

Fawkes was founded with the simple purpose of extending robotics to those outside the STEM community. Traditionally, participants have always been part of a technology class, or integrated thoroughly into the STEM community. Instead, we included everyone - we looked outside the STEM community to athletes, designers, and the average joe.

Focusing their skills, on robotics, we multiplied into a large team of coders, hockey players, dancers, managers, soccer players, cheerleaders – destroying previous boundaries in STEM.

Our robot is completely custom made. We designed it industrially with heavy duty full metal components, a menacing frame that has created a truly innovative design. We’ve won awards for a variety of fields-we won PTC Design and became well known for our industrial design and powerful usage of Computer Aided Design; we won Control Award and reached internet fame as one of the first actors in the field of Computer Vision and efficient container-based inversion of control systems; we won the Inspire Award for overall excellence in every field; starting with a team of people who could know less about robotics, we have since developed into a skillful team.

If you'd like to help us out or get involved, please contact us using the form below.

  • CAD

    Computer Aided Design

  • Code

    Programming the bot

  • Build

    Design, Prototype, Implement

  • Dedication

    Willpower to get stuff done

Interested?   We are accepting applications for underclassmen.

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